Our Horses


Out of all the horses, Olaf’s name is probably the most fitting because he really is just a sweet snowman who loves warm hugs! He’s endearingly known around the barn as Cookie Monster, because he will gobble up any treats in sight! This super sweet guy has done a little bit of everything, from jumping, to dressage, to pony rides, and absolutely nothing fazes him. Olaf is a 15.2 hand Welsh Thoroughbred cross, but he may as well be a big dog, because his tongue sticks out of his mouth all the time, and he loves scratches and cuddles. He is a super smooth ride, and great for all ages and levels of riders. Our majestic snowman can’t wait to meet you!

Harry potter

If there’s a celebrity in the barn, it’s definitely Harry Potter. This handsome guy is known for his charm, and he always has an entourage of fans. He is a 15.2 hand Appendix (Thoroughbred Quarter Horse cross), and the most comfortable horse you’ll ever ride. His calm demeanor makes him a great choice for hesitant beginners, but even the most advanced riders are sure to love him! HP is a talented jumper, but he’s also more than happy to lazily trot around all day. He is super friendly, and loves to beg for treats with his big brown puppy dog eyes. Come meet this sweet guy, but beware- you may fall in love!


When you arrive at the barn, don’t be alarmed that there’s a loose horse: it’s our free-range chicken, Banana! Instead of having a stall, he prefers to wander the property as he pleases, grazing in the fields or hanging out with his best pony pals. He is super friendly, and won’t be shy to go right up to you for some pats! Before coming to High Meadows, Banana was a Western reining horse, but he’s quickly settled into his new life as an English hunter-jumper. He is willing and eager to please, and has very comfortable gaits, making him a perfect beginner through advanced horse! Banana can’t wait to greet you at the barn doors!


This gentle giant is likely to be the first horse in the barn to catch your eye. He is a beautiful dapple gray, 16.3 hand Dutch Warmblood, and currently the biggest horse in our barn. Sully is Sue’s personal riding horse, so while he is not available as an option to ride, he is sure to request your attention in the barn! He is super sweet and friendly, and he is still a bit young so sometimes he acts just like a giant toddler. This sweet guy would love to be the first to welcome you to HMF!


Meet the queen of the barn, Twizzler! This 16 hand Thoroughbred mare is as graceful as she is sweet. While you won’t be able to experience her elegant gaits for yourself because she is Sue’s personal horse, you are welcome to give this gorgeous girl lots of attention in the barn! She is super sweet and likes to oversee the going’s on in the barn aisle. Twizzler would love to greet you when you come visit!


Twizzler may be the queen, but Tinkerbell is the boss! Tinkerbell is a 14.2 hand Morgan Appaloosa cross, and getting to ride her is super special. She used to be Sue’s personal horse and they won lots of shows together. Recently she has joined the schooling program, and she is having a blast! She adores trotting around with young riders, and helping more advanced riders gain confidence over small jump courses! Tinkerbell has definitely been sprinkled with Pixie Dust, because she is a total sweetheart and a joy to ride. She has quickly become a barn favorite for all ages and levels of experience. Come meet this awesome mare, she can’t wait to show you the ropes!


Nala is the perfect example of “she may be little, but she is mighty!” This 12 hand Pony of the Americas (POA) is itty bitty, so not everyone will get to experience her super fun spunk, but those who do will fall in love! Nala is very sweet and loves to lick everyone’s hands, so get ready for some pony kisses. She loves teaching young kids how to ride, and she is a very talented jumper that can zip around a course with ease. This tiny pony is adorable, and sure to steal your heart!

Pixie Stix

You won’t meet a daintier, spunkier, or sweeter pony than Pixie Stix! This adorable 12.2 hand POA looks like she’s been dipped in sprinkles, and she has a bright personality to match. Pixie is cute as a button, a blast to be around, and kids of all ages love riding her. She is an awesome pony to learn to trot, canter, and jump on, and her adorable pink speckled nose makes her extra lovable. Pixie can’t wait to meet you and show you how much fun she is!


Meet the baby of the family! French Toast is only 4 years old, but this adorable Shetland is already a character. She may be Olaf’s newest competitor as “horse most likely to gobble up snacks,” as she loves to try new foods. Toast is still learning the ropes, but she’s already fitting in nicely and is a super good ride for our very little riders. She is very friendly and enthusiastic, and is sure to become best buds with curious young riders. Come meet her and this fun filled pony will show you her dazzling personality!


Waffles is a Barbie Dream Horse come to life! One of our three Shetland ponies, Waffles has a beautiful, thick mane and tail that are super fun to style in cute ways. She is super duper friendly, and is a favorite for young riders. She is very calm, and looks like a little show pony when she struts her stuff. Waffles is a very fun ride for kids just getting started, or kids learning to canter. And her absolute favorite thing to do is take her riders to the Magic Mailbox, she just can’t wait to show them what’s inside! She’ll be hard to miss when you come visit, because she’s sure to have the best hairstyle!


Completing the trio of our Breakfast Food Ponies, is Ms. Pancake! Just like Waffles she has a thick and silky mane and tail that are super fun to style or brush. Pancake is extremely friendly and will probably give you a kiss and a snuggle to welcome you to the barn. She is great with kids and a very fun pony for first time little riders! Pancake is curious, willing, and always happy to say hi to newcomers! She has found her calling teaching kids to ride all by themselves, and can even do ground poles! This adorable pony can’t wait to show you around!


Tater Tot is an adorable 14.3 hand paint horse who loves to be included in everything. With his goofy and lovable personality, he makes sure nobody misses him on their tour through the barn. He’s quickly found his place as a favorite for novice through advanced riders! You’ll soon see why everyone loves Tater Tot when you watch him trot or canter around a jump course: he has the cutest little jump ever. Tater Tot will capture your heart with his adorkable personality!


French Fry is the sweetest mare you’ll ever meet! This gorgeous chestnut-colored pony is the perfect ride for beginners and experts alike. With her smooth gaits and quiet disposition, French Fry is a joy to ride. Even if you don’t ride her, you’re in for a treat to watch her canter around the arena with grace and style. In the barn, French Fry likes to poke her head out of her stall and say hi to everybody. This adorable girl would love to meet you!


luke-tribute     snoopy-tribute


Riding Lessons

We offer horseback riding lessons year round in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  In the Winter and Spring we are at 100 Acre Woods in Moultonboro, and in the Summer and Fall we are at High Meadows Farms in Wolfeboro.  Both locations are offer beautiful riding arenas, miles of trails and breathtaking scenery.  Come visit us anytime!

Trail Rides

This is the place to come whether your a first time rider looking for a great first experience on a horse, or if you're an experienced rider looking for something more then just your "typical trial ride." All trail rides are custom designed to fit each person's needs and are created to give you the "full experience" of horseback riding. Our trail rides are like no other around!


Pony Parties

Looking for the perfect birthday party or group gathering? High Meadows Farms offers a hands-on learning environment where you will get an in-depth introduction to horses and horseback riding! All ages are welcome!  There are many different options to choose from and we will customize everything to fit your specific needs. Both locations provide an ideal environment to have a party that the kids will be talking about for years to come!


Contact Us

If you would like to make a reservation please call us at 603-539-6052. To get information on lessons, parties, trial rides or more, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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