Our Horses


Tinkerbell has always been Sue’s personal riding horse but now she is happily enjoying her life in the lesson program. She is very well trained in jumping, dressage and trail riding but she is more than happy to plop along in the arena with young riders. She is a pleasure to ride and work around and riders of all
levels will enjoy her!


Something obviously went a little wrong when God decided to make Marshmallow a horse, because she clearly should have been a Golden Retriever! She is honestly more like a big dog then a horse. Just like her name she is a round, mushy, and yummy marshmallow. She loves to cuddle and is kind and gentle to everyone. She and Pancake have become best buddies and she watches over him like her child. She is a very motherly horse and takes care of her rider at all times. If you are at all nervous, Marshmallow will put your worries to rest!


Harry Potter is definitely one of the barn favorites! His charming personality will immediately grab you and you are guaranteed to fall in love with him! He will show you he loves you too when you give him his favorite thing – treats (horse cookies, carrots, apples, etc.) by licking you all over with his big tongue! He is more on the lazy side so he is perfect for first time riders and those who just want to meander on the trail. Once you meet him and ride him you are certain to become part of the Harry Potter Fan Club!


This is Nemo, AKA our free range chicken! He enjoys wandering around the summer property eating grass, drinking out of the dog’s water bowl, wandering into the bathroom and greeting people in the parking lot. He is like the big dog on the farm! He is a fantastic horse to learn to ride on and he will carry you through the paces with ease. Before you can ride him though, you have to FIND him!


Tigger is the newest, youngest and tallest member of the family! But don’t let this worry you because he is definitely one of the sweetest and friendliest horses in the barn! He is the first to stick his head out of the door to say hello and he can’t wait to put his lips all over you! His baby personality is always looking for something to put his mouth on and trouble to get into. He is Sue’s new personal horse so you can love on him all you want, but he is only for Sue to ride!


Waffles is a super adorable Shetland pony who is perfect for young children to learn to ride on. Her quiet demeanor and gentle disposition makes her fun and easy to work around. You can spend hours brushing her long, thick mane and forelock and during the camp season she loves to get dressed up in all sorts or costumes and decorations. She is definitely a very stylish pony!


This horse is a new addition to our colorful array, and she brings something elegant and beautiful to the mix. Twizzler is a 16 hand thoroughbred mare. She is truly amazing to watch as she floats around the arena with style and beauty. Although few get to experience her amazing gates for themselves because she is Sue’s new personal horse! But, she loves attention when Sue is super busy and she would be elated if she got a pet from you on your visit!

Pixie Stix

Pixie is probably the most adorable pony you will ever meet! Her freckles on her eyes and nose, her pink muzzle and super tiny hooves, will make you want to take her home with you! She has always eager to please and ready to do anything you ask of her. She has quickly become a barn favorite for all levels!


Olaf is a classic “been there, done that” kind of horse. From jumping to dressage he will impress anyone in the show ring. He has a super smooth canter and a beautiful trot, but beware – he is the ultimate cookie monster! There is nothing that he won’t eat! So if you come with treats he will be the first one to greet you and become your best friend!

DR. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is the BEST pony ever! He is super friendly and gentle and fantastic to learn to ride on. Every person and every horse here loves him. He is one of those ponies that just gets along with everyone and easily fits in anywhere. Although, Pixie Stix is his girlfriend. He is very skilled in the hunter ring and cleans up at the shows. He is highly educated pony – which is why he is Dr. Pepper, not Mr. Pepper! So come ride him and he will teach you all he knows


Meet Pancake! She may be the smallest in the family but she has the biggest heart! She is a total love bug and super cute! She has a strong attraction to young children loves to carry them around the arena. Some of her favorite things to do include; untying her leadrope, eating yummy treats and hanging out with her best friend Marshmallow.


Before Banana came to High Meadows Farms he was a western reining horse. Since being here though he has become an English hunter jumper and he is loving his new career! He loves to jump around small courses, go for trail rides and teach people how to ride. He is a super versatile horse who is always happy and willing to do whatever you want to do.

luke-tribute     snoopy-tribute


Riding Lessons

We offer horseback riding lessons year round in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  In the Winter and Spring we are at 100 Acre Woods in Moultonboro, and in the Summer and Fall we are at High Meadows Farms in Wolfeboro.  Both locations are offer beautiful riding arenas, miles of trails and breathtaking scenery.  Come visit us anytime!

Trail Rides

This is the place to come whether your a first time rider looking for a great first experience on a horse, or if you're an experienced rider looking for something more then just your "typical trial ride." All trail rides are custom designed to fit each person's needs and are created to give you the "full experience" of horseback riding. Our trail rides are like no other around!


Pony Parties

Looking for the perfect birthday party or group gathering? High Meadows Farms offers a hands-on learning environment where you will get an in-depth introduction to horses and horseback riding! All ages are welcome!  There are many different options to choose from and we will customize everything to fit your specific needs. Both locations provide an ideal environment to have a party that the kids will be talking about for years to come!


Contact Us

If you would like to make a reservation please call us at 603-539-6052. To get information on lessons, parties, trial rides or more, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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